Why do we need bookmarks and Zotero?

Dear Mozilla Team, I am using Zotero to build a bibliography with Firefox. Since I have Zotero I never use bookmarks, because they lack processability. Why don't you guys join efforts with the Zotero team and create a bookmark system that can be used as a bibliographic database?


Jan Ulrich Hasecke

Zotero the better bookmark implementation

I never used bookmarks a lot, because there is Google and when I need to look up something I’ll find it there. In fact the use of bookmarks are quite limited. It is only a mean to memorize the location of a webpage. When I forgot the URL of a webpage I can either search for it on Google or in my bookmarks. In either case I get the url in some seconds, if – and only if I bookmarked the page. If I haven’t bookmarked it my bookmark search was in vain and I have to look it up in Google anyway. The result: I never search in my bookmarks but always use Google.

When I discovered Zotero I was excited, because this was the tool I looked for. When I am writing a paper I often have to cite a webpage. With Zotero citing a webpage is a question of seconds. Zotero stores processible bookmarks, because it extracts all accessible metadata and stores the information as a bibliographic entry. So whenever I came across an interesting webpage I store it in Zotero, because I might want to cite it in my next paper.

So why do we need bookmarks at all? They are just a database of urls without any bibliographic information – completely useless, when you want to cite the bookmarked webpage.

So please guys at the Mozilla and Zotero team,  come together and implement the Zotero functionality as the default bookmark engine in the next Firefox release.