There are several DVCS around: Bazaar, Mercurial and Git. What I am going to cover here, can be accomplished by each of them. In my examples I refer to Bazaar. You will find notes on how to install the software on the homepage of each system. It is always very easy. To use the DVCS open a terminal on Linux and Mac OS X or the command line interpreter under Windows and change into the directory where you want to write your novel. Weiter →


Mind posterity, author! Don’t you daydream that some day legions of scientists analyze your writings to find out, when you get for the first time the idea to make a tiny alien called Glimpsy the hero of your novels? Sure you do. And you can make research easier for them if you use a version control system. WTF is a version control system? A version control system is something to keep track of changes in code. Weiter →