Rereading »On The Road« by Jack Kerouac

Books analyzing »Rosebud« are legion. What I want to say is that there are words that reminds us of our childhood or of another crucial time of our live. »On The Road« is reminiscent of the most creative time of my life. I read »On The Road« when I was 25. I just made my first movie and started my first novel. As Charles Foster Kane lost something vaguely describable as childhood I lost this special kind of creativity you have when you are young, enthusiastic and desperate.

Treasure Island

Trasure Island is peppered with nautical expressions and the slang of buccaneers. While I found most of the nautical expressions in my dictionary, though it leaves me musing about the meaning of the German translation, I could not find some of the idiomatic phrases. From time to time I came across a word which was used in quite a different manner than I was used to, so I looked into my dictionary, but could not find an appropriate meaning.

I've finished Tristram Shandy thrice!

Since last year I have been reading Tristram Shandy, the famous masterpiece from Lawrence Sterne, and last sunday I finished this book, which still seems more modern than most of the stuff, which floods the market nowadays. It was the second time I read it. My first reading was in the eighties of the last century, when I read the German translation. Now I read the original version. In fact, an’ please your honour, I have not only read it twice, but thrice, because I always had the German translation at hand to peek into it, if I had to surrender to Sterne’s Shandyism.